Computers and Internet

by Jarkko Laine studio ca 2007 As a kid I spent a lot of time with my father's "laptop" Ericsson (with in-built printer!), mostly playing Decathlon, Digger and Tapper. As time went by, computers developed and when confirmed at the age of 15, I got my first own computer, an SX2/66 Compaq Presario. The most important uses were playing, writing and image editing. Sometimes in my earlier youth I also started my career as a programming nerd with my cousin, developing with Basic most interesting text-based "adventure" games, first of which carried a name "Paska" (eng. Shit).

Maybe the biggest leap in my "electronic" life happened that sunny day in 1996 when I got my first contact with internet through my brand new Courier I-modem. I made my own (former, R.I.P.) homepages in 1997 and developed also the pages for my orienteering club.

Real programming came back into my life when I started my studies at Tampere University of Technology back in 1999. Programming language in the courses was C++. Same time I concentrated in self-studies in web usability, different web programming languages (PHP, VisualBasic/ASP, TCL, thanks to Philip and Alex's Guide to Web Publishing and finally, Ruby) and databases, and that's the path I'm still (forever?) hiking. Later I've studied a lot of different topics in software engineering and computer networks, list of which you can find on my studies section.

Currently I'm spending a noticeable part of my time working on projects based on Ruby on Rails, a wonderful web application framework written in equally superb language, Ruby.