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Jarkko Laine (jarkko@jlaine.net)
Aholankatu 13 A
FIN-33610 Tampere

Tel. +358-50-3588858

Who are you?

I'm a freelance web/software developer, graduate student and an athlete. I do find the combination somewhat taxing but also couldn't live without any of those parts. Besides, I'm really near of the end of my studies.

I'm one quarter of Bear Metal, the tech team that helped to build Wildfire App from scratch to a leading social media marketing and analytics tool. Wildfire was then acquired by Google in the summer of 2012.

I believe in Peopleware, constant self-development and carrot rather than stick. I agree on most of Joel Spolsky's opinions (but not all of them!) and would like to build or be a part of a company like his.

I'm spending my time hanging around:

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