Current_page? And Rails Named Routes

current_page? is a nifty Rails helper that can be used to check whether a URL points to the current page. This is very useful in navigation lists where you’d want the link to the current page to be styled differently from other items. However, if you’re using named routes in Rails (and you should, keep it DRY, man), current_page? doesn’t work correctly. The reason for this is that request.request_uri (which current_page? uses internally to get the current URL) doesn’t contain the domain name, whereas your_named_route_url1 will return the whole URL, including the domain name and the port.

While this small incompatibility is being fixed, you can circumvent it by using hash_for_your_named_route_url instead. It is just about the same magical method as your_named_route_url, with one difference. It returns the params hash instead of running it through url_for and returning the URL as a string. Thus current_page? will work happily with it.

1 your_named_route_url will return the url you have specified in routes.rb by a route like:

map.your_named_route '', :controller => 'default', :action => 'index'