A Week of Ruby/Rails/BDD/Ajax Training in December

After my last Ruby on Rails workshop held last year I’ve often been asked when there is going to be another one. Here it comes.

December 1st to 5th, we will join forces with Antti Tarvainen from Leonidas and give a week of one-day workshops in Helsinki with separate but closely related themes:

  1. Beginning Ruby
  2. Beginning Rails
  3. Advanced Ruby
  4. BDD on Rails
  5. Advanced Ajax on Rails

You can choose as many of the days to attend to as you want to (a smörgåsbord if I may), but if you will join us for the whole week, the last day will be on us. The early bird price is 500€/day, with group and alumni discounts available. The price includes a plentiful lunch buffet (of course), kick-ass course materials and some goodies we’ll disclose a bit later. The course will be held in Finnish.

I’m really excited about the course. The last time I gave a Ruby workshop was real fun and I learned a ton from it. One thing I understood while attending Pragmatic Studios is that having more than one teacher really makes a big difference, since instead of a monologue you give the students a real discussion about the topics. I know Antti from a while back and know from his classes at TUT that he’s a great instructor, so I really look forward to being able to teach together with him.

Read more and register yourself for the classes from our brand-new Rapids Training website. Hope to see you all in December!