Start From the Heart

My friend Lars Pind is slowly migrating himself from a software developer to a coach. His new startup is called Start from the Heart, where Lars tries to help people start companies that represent their true soul. The guiding principle behind Start from the Heart is that there should be a deeper meaning in the business you pursue than just the money. As exactly that has been a driving force behind us at dotherightthing.com, it’s no wonder the premise of SftH really resonated with me.

Lars is putting up a series of exercises for the participants of the program and giving out them for free. I worked through the first assignment and must say that it’s a great one, getting a smile on your face. If you’re thinking about starting your own company (or have ever contemplated it), I would highly recommend giving Start from the Heart a try. I’m certainly enjoying it from the bottom of my heart (no pun intended).