A Track of Two

If you’re into photography, here’s a couple of quick links that might be of interest:

  1. Scott Bourne and Alex Lindsay, of MacBreak Weekly and many other fames, have started a new podcast under the Pixelcorps.tv umbrella: This Week in Photography. The guys are really great podcasters and the content is kind of semi-advanced so that it’s not boring even if you’re fairly competent (even pro, I would say) but also not overwhelmingly technical. Great stuff during long exercises like a track of two1. The third episode of TWIP discussed the state of Aperture and namely the lack of announcement of version 2 during the PMA. That gives us a nice segue to the next topic:
  2. Aperture 2 is here! Downloading it right now and have high hopes for the performance. Especially creating previews and exporting photos leaves a lot to be desired in 1.5, and if the first comments around the ’net are to be trusted, the newcomer should be vastly better in this regard.

1 A track of two (or “kakkosen latu” in Finnish) is a term that came from a two-hour cross-country skiing (preferably classic) exercise and is now a synonym for any longer training pass (run, ski, hike, whatever) of around or over two hours.