Do NOT Hire iTechArt

It’s annoying enough that quite a few spam messages creep through Google Groups filters to the many mailing lists I’m subscribed to. Fortunately, SpamSieve has learned to bash them quite effectively. Today, however, spam on Rails-Core and Rails-Spinoffs hit the new low (right in there with people advertising pirate copies of the first AWDWR book on the Rails mailing lists a while back).

A company apparently specialized (among many other technologies, oh the irony) in Ruby on Rails development and outsourcing, iTechArt, considered it appropriate to advertise their services by spamming pretty much every Ruby and Rails-related mailing list on Google Groups. I not only think it’s pretty darn stupid to crap in your own cubicle (so to speak), I also think it’s worth giving them a lesson. So anyone considering outsourcing or buying Ruby or Rails development, please:

  1. Do not hire iTechArt.
  2. If you receive a proposal from them, let them know you won’t hire spammers.

In any case, if you’re a blogger, please spread the word. iTechArt is not worth anyone’s money.