Beginning Ruby on Rails E-Commerce

Now that Scoop started, I’m going to follow the pack:

Cover of our upcoming book, Beginning Ruby on Rails E-Commerce

Beginning Ruby on Rails E-Commerce is one of the reasons it’s been so quiet on this channel during the last months. We’re writing the last chapters now and the book will hopefully go to print in September, so there’s not a whole lot of waiting time left anymore.

Our goal was to make the book a bit different. It is a how-to book, going through building a complete E-Commerce site. So if you’re into learning by doing, you might enjoy it. We also wanted to promote the good Rails development practices. That’s why we use test-driven development always when it’s appropriate, teaching the different testing approaches in Rails on-the-fly. And since Apress is also the publisher of Joel, it would have been a pity if we couldn’t have sprinkled a bit of humor in the book.

If you want to be notified when the book is out, please do fill the following form and we’ll keep you up to date. We won’t share your email address with anyone and the mails sent to the list will be strictly related to this particular book.