Closing... And Opening

After a magnificent week sunbathing and orienteering in Gotland, we finished the week by moving our stuff from the well-served jlaine.net mansion to our new home. I always tend to be really tired after week-long training camps, but topping it off by two days of hauling things over has got the better of me. I’m thus closing this office now, wishing for two things:

  1. A long night sleep.
  2. A fast broadband delivery to the new apt. Until then, I will be heading a mobile office from cafes and universities around Tampere.

Oh, and did I mention the just ripened raspberries in our new garden?

[UPDATE] I finally settled on an ADSL provider and the connection should be live mid next week. The lead time for an installation ranged from a decent 9 days to a staggering 6 weeks, which is pretty amazing for a flip of a switch (there is no work needed on site). I’ve been burned by the unreliability of ADSL a few times before, so I was contemplating getting a business broadband and circumventing the aging phone lines altogether. However, with prices starting from 400€/month for a 4/4Mb connection I decided I would settle for an 8/1Mb ADSL (for 10% of the price) for now and see whether the service has gotten any better.