And from the ashes rises… No May 1st Reboot here, not even redesigned realigned outlook. But hopefully the June 9th Reboot made posting work again.

Talking about Reboot, it was again a great event. There were some great speeches – maybe not quite as many as last year, though – but the biggest feat for me is the passionate and enthusiastic spirit of the conference and the endless discussions it fosters.

We had a very nice Rails discussion session where I (as promised) talked very little and let the participants take care of the talking. I met a great deal of nice people, from old friends to those I’d only met online to those I’d never heard of before. We had lengthy discussions with a guy from the original Sun Java team (Hi Reno :) who was totally in love with Rails now and gathering a team for a startup. It really feels like it’s the summer of ’99 again (with hopefully more than a few things learned).