UPDATE 2 Grrreat news, just in time to welcome me from a nice training camp in Czech Republic: I hoped that Apple’s estimate would be as much off as with the iMac we bought a year ago and, lo and behold, today I got the most anticipated message in a long time:

We are pleased to send you this shipment notification regarding your order. Your order has been dispatched and will be delivered to your shipping address.

This is almost a month sooner than their latest estimate, proving that also others than those who opted for the 2.16GHz upgrade can get their new darlings a lot sooner than expected. Come to daddy.

UPDATE Both good and bad news. Good news first: The 1.83GHz Intel Core Duo chip has been automatically replaced by a 2.0GHz one in my order. Then the bad news: the estimated shipping date has been postponed to March 21.

How long will my order Take
Your order should ship on or before 07.03.2006
Please allow a further 3-7 days from this date to deliver your order.

Buggers. Hope the estimate is as far off as usually.