Copyright Demonstration in Helsinki Tomorrow

UPDATE We lost. I am now (or at least in a few weeks) officially a criminal. And so are at least a million other Finns. Welcome to the club.

If you’re living in Helsinki area, please take part in the demonstration against the new copyright law that is about to be ratified by the Finnish parliament tomorrow. I’m deeply concerned about the new law that will make

  • circumventing copy protection (e.g copying music from DRM CD’s to my iPod),
  • talking about DRM circumvention methods
  • and group purchases of books from Amazon.com


Not only is the proposed law arguably unconstitutional (even according to the constitution committee of the parliament), it is also so strongly against the common sense of justice that I find its passing utterly incomprehensible. That doesn’t seem to stop the parliament from making the decision, tho, so I’d be grateful if as many of you as possible would gather around the parliament house tomorrow and relay my wishes to the MP’s.

The manners the local recording industry executives (“If you’re on Mac, by a CD player”) and ministers have shown during the battle is a whole ‘nuther story so I won’t bore you to death with it. Just drag your friggin’ arse to the demonstration, will ’ya. Please. Pretty please.