Integrating Simulation With .LRN — an OpenACS Microgrant Proposal


Simulation is an OpenACS package originally developed by Collaboraid for project RechtenOnline, a consortium of Dutch law faculties. As Collaboraid was having a lack of resources last fall, I was hired to finish the system. Version 1.0 of system was released in the end of November and a revised version 1.0.1 just before Christmas.

Simulation is a package which can be used to simulate virtually any common workflows and processes. The most common example used by the original clients is the setting of a new law, with multiple students playing different roles in the process. Simulation is based on the newer, Finite State Machine Workflow package of OpenACS.

The Proposal

My proposal is to integrate the Simulation package with .LRN because the target audience of the two is clearly orthogonal.

Why would .LRN benefit

Integrating Simulation with .LRN would give it another member in its already extensive set of collaborative tools.

The Deliverable

Simulation package will be possible to be installed as a part of .LRN and they will work seamlessly together. I will also create all the needed portlet packages for both normal users and simulation administrators. All the code will be committed to the OpenACS codebase (as simulation already is). As a part of this project I will also take care that the end-user documentation of Simulation will be taken to a level expected from a .LRN package.

Tampere, January 6th 2005,
Jarkko Laine