Project 4.5

Last fall – on the brink of transferring to the masters series in sports – I started a new triathlon project. I’ve been looking for something new for a while and this seemed like a good opportunity to take it into action. I’ve also always loved triathlon. I’m a bit of a generalist in everything and always looking for variety1 in everything I do.

The big problem in triathlon for me was that I was (and to an extent still am) a terrible swimmer. Sure, I can get by but if I tried to swim a longer distance, I quickly went out of breath, which is disturbing for someone with presumably great oxygen intake. I assume that’s very common for quite a few tri-newbs, so I also wanted to document the process as it goes.

Writing a sport project blog is what everyone seems to be doing right now, so I wanted to do it with a twist. I have no illusions that very many people are actually interested in me or how I’m doing. Thus I’m always trying to write articles with the audience in mind: people who have a background in endurance sports but have not done (or have recently started) triathlon.

For now I’m doing it in Finnish. But who knows, if the interest is there, I might start translating the articles in English as well. So, if the language isn’t an issue, come on over.

  1. That’s probably why I’m a software entrepreneur rather than a pure developer. I get bored quickly when I do just one thing for too long – be it coding, designing or marketing.