Ruby/Rails/BDD Training in Helsinki in April

Note The actual class will be taught in Finnish

Two years ago we joined forces with Helsinki Polytechnic Stadia to organize a Ruby/Rails class for both students of the school and a couple of attendees from the business world. The class was a success.

Now we’re doing it again. The name of the school has changed to Metropolia, and the venue of the class from Arabia to Leppävaara, but the theme of the class will remain the same: teach both newbie and intermediate Ruby hackers to real wizards that can confidently write their ideas in Ruby.

Because of the joined effort, we are able to keep the price (like really) low, at €700 + VAT for the whole 4-day course. That should make the class affordable even for freelancers and individuals who’re just dabbling with Ruby and Rails.

There will be some differences as well. We’ll use more time to teach TDD/BDD and Ajax-related stuff, because of their increased importance lately. Most of the 4th (BDD) day will be taught by Antti Tarvainen, a Rails and Agile wizard from Leonidas who is also famous for his Rails workshop at the Tampere University of Technology.

The program of the class:

  1. Monday, April 6th Basics of Ruby, including what’s new in Ruby 1.9.
  2. Tuesday, April 7th Introduction to Ruby on Rails, based on Rails 2.2.
  3. Wednesday, April 8th Ajax development on Rails, Protype, script.aculo.us and accessible Ajax.
  4. Thursday, April 9th Test-Driven and Behaviour-Driven Development on Rails; RSpec and Cucumber.

Since alumni of our previous classes already snitched part of the spots on the class, we only have a couple places left for sale in the open. It thus pays off to be quick. As an added bonus for the fast ones, you’ll receive an extra 100€ discount if you register within a week, that is before February 26th.

You can register by sending email directly to me .

Welcome to have some fun with us and challenge yourself to learn new exciting skills at the same time!