Beginning Ruby on Rails E-Commerce Is Shipping!

Dear Rails Enthusiast,

We just got email from our editor Keir where he said he’d got his
hands on our new book, Beginning Rails E-Commerce. His mail didn’t
include the words “f*cking awesome”, but instead “superb” and
“a work of art”, which we think are almost as good.

This means that the book will hit the shelves before you can say
“Heinemeier”, so be sure to get yours while it’s still hot.

We wanted to make our book such that you can “read” it while you’re
sitting in front of your computer. It’s completely project-driven,
meaning the content is divided by task, and that you can build
the sample application in small iterations, learning the
background details on the fly.

As one of the core philosophies of Rails is to support best
practices, we decided to do that as well. Most of the tasks are
written test-driven, giving you a glimpse of the ease with which
TDD can be used in Rails and the power it brings compared to a
traditional, ad-hoc web application development process.

We hope you enjoy the book as much as we enjoyed the journey of
writing it.

Buy the book


Christian Hellsten and Jarkko Laine