First things first: Guy Kawasaki is blogging. I know, I know, old news. But if you haven’t checked his blog yet, do it know. The guy (pun unintended) has made an extensive career as an Apple evangelist and later in the VC world. He also seems to have a talent to write thoughtful and thought-provoking articles day in day out. And he’s got a proofreader for his blog.

But that wasn’t my point today. Guy has created a test called GBAT, which is “a compilation of the best indicators of whether a company is sliding into bozosity”. Electric Pulp has pushed the idea online so you can easily test if now would be a good time to look for a new employer.

I especially like the point number #6:

Your HR department requires an MBA degree for any position; it also requires five to ten years work experience in an industry that is only four years old.

That’s like straight from some of the early announcements for Rails jobs.

BTW, my company scored 2. Well, maybe 1 actually, because the only two points came from the point #26:

Your CEO writes a book.

I’m not a real CEO and I’m just writing a thesis, not a real book (yet), so I refuse to score the whole two points for that question.