In case you hadn’t heard before, here’s some serious news: Joyent is acquiring the ground of my virtual home, TextDrive. At the same time TextDrive has broadened its buffet and is now also offering hosting for Business and a wide range of Dedicated hosting plans. This all is decorated with a brand-spanking new website redesign.

The obvious question is: what’s in it for me? For starters, the business plans sound tempting for someone (like me) who hasn’t got the dough to go dedicated but still would prefer a bit more stable environment than the traditional shared hosting. The second thing I can hardly wait is that the Joyent Mail will become the standard webmail client for TxD before the new year.

One consequence of this acquisition is that Dean Allen and John Gruber are joining forces. Or, as Gruber self says:

You know something’s weird when the authors of Textile and Markdown now work for the same company.