Going to EuroOSCON

I will start a week-long journey today which will include first an orienteering relay in southwestern Finland and then EuroOSCON in Amsterdam.

My tutorial in EuroOSCON is my first big presentation so you can imagine I have some butterflies in my stomach already. The flexible path and show-don’t-tell theme of the tutorial hopefully makes it a bit easier to survive the three-hour gig. I’ve practiced the whole tutorial already quite a few times and still have a few days left to hone the last glitches. Needless to say, I’m pretty excited.

As my tutorial will be a whirlwind tour through Rails, it pays off to at least know what’s Rails is about before the tutorial. Coincidentally, ONLamp.com has just launched Curt Hibbs’s article “What Is Ruby on Rails” that does a great job explaining what Rails is. My tutorial will then tell you how that will benefit you.