True Lies

If you want to build a successful business, you need to get your customers to trust you.

There’s a fairly new recovery drink (for sportsmen, but you knew that), Bioremix, in the Finnish market. It’s made in Finland, they are sponsoring the Finnish national orienteering team and seem to have some scientific research backing up the effects of the drink. But I’m completely turned off every time I read “Fresh lemon taste” in the package. Fresh? Lemon? If I had to describe the taste with one word it would be ‘puke’.

My empirical, absolutely non-scientific, research tells that the people who’ve tasted the drink can be split in two categories: those who’ll never touch it again and those who can drink it but with a grimace. I’ve yet to meet anyone who’d like the taste.

If the manufacturer tells me lies that I can instantly detect, how can I trust their claims about the ‘scientifically proven’ effects. They might or might not be substantial but I will always be very doubtful about them. You might want consider that when fabricating more things in your packaging and marketing materials.