Reboot Woes


Had a nice (and expensive) dinner in Cafe Ketchup in Copenhagen Tivoli with lots of Danish bloggers and Scoble. The night turned adventurous when I tried to get out of the already closed Tivoli. After banging the gates for a while with some locals a nice bartender let us out through the emergency exit of his bar. Now that’s a good idea for maximizing your daily income: close the area before the restaurants inside it shut down.


Building of Basecamp day. The workshop turned out to be as great as rumoured. I can’t say I heard that much completely new stuff (ok, I’ve probably followed 37signals, Basecamp and Rails a bit closer than average) but hearing all that in a single workshop, in such a coherent manner was probably worth the juicy price.

In the evening we joined the pre-reboot party at someone’s own (!) pub. Saw for the first time a lot of online friends and enjoyed the generous free beverages. The evening ended with a dinner in supposedly the oldest restaurant in Copenhagen, Lille Apoteket. Get one of the steaks if you ever stumble upon the place, at least the pepper steak was excellent.



Doc Searls was really great, you should definitely see him speaking some time. Scoble was, well, a bit unorganized compared to Searls and I didn’t get much more out of his speech than that I should blog. OK, I will.


I have to admit, I wasn’t that familiar with Jason Calacanis before, but he turned out to be a great speaker, too, articulating the power of blogging a lot better than Scbole. Here’s his own post about the talk.

After Calacanis, David Axmark of MySQL fame talked about how to make money with Open Source software. The topic was really up my alley, maybe a bit too much, since I didn’t find anything really new from his speech. Maybe his quite monotonic presentation had something to do with that, too.

The lunch was predated by a talk by Ben Cerveny, an interface designer behind e.g. Flickr and Quake. The presentation on Game theory was a disappointment for me as I had waited quite a bit more. It all just went flying high past me, don’t really know why. Lars offers one explanation with comments from Ben.