Wednesday really seemed to be too good a day for me as the following days have been pretty painful. It seems that I’ve been carrying a dermoid cyst (a kind of benign tumor) under my coccyx whole my life but this week of all time it decided to inflame, probably after it got irritated by some heavy (non-xml) sit-ups during a work-out. I tried to bite it and run last night a training with the help of some painkillers. During the night I had problems to get sleep because of the pain and after I caught quite high fever this afternoon I had to accept the fact that I won’t be participating any competitions this weekend. With the help of Maria’s father I got a time in the local emergency room and they literally cut a hole in my butt.

After some serious yelling and pain the tumor was emptied of about a litre of pus (or so it seemed. I wasn’t able to see the operation, for obvious reasons) and they plugged the hole with a roll of gauze tissue so that all the matter can exit the tumor in the next two days. Needless to say, I don’t really feel like sitting in an office chair right now so I guess I’ll be catching on my backlog of reading and movie watching this weekend.

Take care.