Invasion of Rails Books

Announcements about Rails-related books seem to be popping up like mushrooms in the rain today. First, Scott Barron (and later DHH) announced that he and Marcel Molina jr. have signed up with Pragmatic Bookshelf to write Pragmatic Rails Recipes: A Guide to Elegant Web Development. The book would be a sequel for the probably first-ever Rails book, Dave Thomas’ Agile Web Development with Rails, about to be published in July.

Only a few hours later Curt Hibbs comes up and tells on the Rails mailing list that

Bruce Tate and David Geary (author of Core Java Server Faces, Core JSTL, and more) have signed with O’Reilly to write a “Rails Developer Notebook” (obviously one of O’Reilly’s new Developer Notebooks series).

These are really great news. The profound interest publishers like Pragmatic Programmers and O’Reilly are showing towards Rails is a clear sign that there is something worthwhile being done in the community and that the framework won’t end up as just another one-night-wonder. We’re clearly on the roll!