MPAA in Action

Boing Boing reports that MPAA has been shutting down and taking over several BitTorrent hubs.

Reader Brad Clarke says, “Taking down a site is one thing but putting up their own content has GOT to be illegal. He’s to hoping they finally went too far.”

This reminds me of the Monday night when I went to watch Team America in the local cinema. Among the pre-movie commercials there was an “infomercial” from MPAA. The shoot showed several “normal-life” crimes like burglary and then ended with huge letters stating that “DOWNLOADING IS A CRIME”.

The problem? It’s not. Distributing copyrighted material (other than fair use) is a crime in Finland, downloading is not. That seems to be a fact conveniently “forgotten” by MPAA (and RIAA, BSA, you name it…) in every possible occasion. Anyone smell double standards here?