Dave Winer reports about a News.com article which describes how Norwegians wanting to go from Haugesund to Trondheim are routed through England, Belgium, Germany, Denmark and Sweden. Well, according to MapQuest you wouldn’t want to live in Finland, either, because we have no friggin’ roads!

!/images/28.gif (MapQuest Route from Turku to Vaasa)!:http://mappoint.msn.com/(mrhnz1ixqxpjzei3tudrwinr)/directions.aspx?&EndName=Vaasa%2c+Länsi%2c+Finland&EndLocation=63.09568%2c21.61061&StartName=Turku%2c+Länsi%2c+Finland&StartLocation=60.45269%2c22.25119&DataSetLangID=EUR,409&RouteType=Quickest&RouteUnit=Miles

And you still wondered, why msn.fi is the most popular net site in Finland (you didn’t think it’s got something to do with the fact that it’s the default start page for Finnish Internet Explorer, did you?)…