Call for Aid

Airbag -Greg wrote a thought-provoking article about the aid for the victims of the tsunami disaster in South-East Asia. As he also deliberately shared his help icons, I’m going to put two on this page, too.

!/images/24.gif (Help your local Red Cross)!:http://www.ifrc.org/address/rclinks.asp

Here’s what we’re going to do with Maria: As one commenter in Greg’s post proposed, we’re not going to buy any drinks for the New Year’s eve. On top of that, we leave firecrackers in the store shelves, a common gesture in Finland. Instead, we donate 70 euros to Finnish Red Cross catastroph aid. That’s not a whole lot, but we’re both still students.

And to all (two) Finnish orienteers who are reading this blog, there’s a campaign in Suunnistus.net to raise more aid for the Finnish catastroph fund. Please consider mobilizing your club for the effort.