Been There, Done That

I’ve now officially made my first purchase from iTunes Music Store. I bought the whole Rammstein album Reise, Reise. I would’ve liked to buy the physical album (since I bought the whole album anyway) but couldn’t find it from the Amsterdam airport. So I just grabbed it from iTMS. Convenient. Very convenient.

However, I still think the most of my iTMS öhases in the future will be individualögs. If I want the whole album, I also want the leaflets. And as the store has now landed in Finland, how about making some contracts with Finnish music producers? Wow, they got me, there already is some Finnish music. Not a whole lot, though, so it would certainly be an aspect where they could improve. And for christ’s sake, please don’t mix ö with o. If I search for songs from , I really wouldn’t like to browse through all yo yo rap son